FDF Awards Winner 2013: Health and Wellbeing Champion

Mondelez International, Health for Life in Primary Schools

Mondelez InternationalHealth for LifeHealth for Life in Primary Schools is one of three programmes in the five year Health for Life programme funded by the Mondelez International foundation, which aims to make a sustained, demonstrable improvement in healthy lifestyles across South Birmingham. Mondelez International works in conjunction with the Health Education Service in Birmingham to deliver the programme.

Health for Life primarily supports primary schools in engaging their community in healthy active lifestyles and embeds the work into the school culture in a way that is sustainable. It is intended to increase the knowledge and skills of pupils and promote changes in healthy lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour; with focus of the project being on healthy eating and cooking skills, growing food, physical activity and family involvement.

Health for LifeThe programme has allowed primary schools to develop new fruit and vegetable growing areas, improve school grounds for greater use and enjoyment by children, introduce cookery sessions and clubs, provide new play equipment and games that offer varied opportunities for everyone to join in and involve parents and families in aspects such as planting fruit trees, creating recipe books, joining bike rides and supporting walk to school schemes.

The programme has now been introduced to a second cohort of schools. It is part of a wider programme which is being delivered over five years. Health for Life in secondary schools will involve staff and pupils working together to focus upon healthy lifestyles and introduce activities that will make a difference in their school.

Mondelez is also working with the Conservation Volunteers to deliver health for Life in the community, working with local residents to involve them in becoming more active outdoors and encouraging them to grow their food, linked with healthy eating.

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