Innovation Award 2017

The food and drink community celebrated success on 21 September 2017 as the winners of the Food and Drink Federation Awards were announced.


Through apetito Ltd's 'Purée Petite' range, the company responded to a problem faced by four million people in the UK suffering from dysphagia, a condition that affects the ability to swallow and chew food properly.

apetito Ltd faced the challenge of developing meals suitable for those suffering from dysphagia, along with responding to their own research that found that 48% of people suffering with the condition are malnourished. Finally, sufferers often have suppressed appetites. They therefore had to provide what initially seemed impossible; creating something with all the nutrients of a regular meal in half the portion size.

After three years of development behind closed doors, in January 2016 the company launched their product to the market; “Purée Petite: Smaller portion, BIG on nutrition”. The range included 21 individual pureed meals that came in more manageable portion sizes but contained a similar calorie and protein content as their regular sized dishes.

The range has been a huge success with record sales, impressive customer growth and plenty of case studies to highlight the impact this has had on people suffering with dysphagia.

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Last reviewed: 21 Sep 2016