Food and Drink Scientist of the Year - FDF Awards 2017

The food and drink community celebrated success on 21 September 2017 as the winners of the Food and Drink Federation Awards were announced.

Dr Wendy Russell - Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health

Dr Wendy Russell is the Gut Health Theme Leader and a principal investigator in natural product chemistry at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen, researching the complex interplay between human diet and health.

She has a key interest in developing healthy and sustainable products for the food and drink industry. This incorporates agricultural, economic, and environmental aspects, through work on plant breeding, the nutritional content of crops, and the contribution of sustainable plant proteins to the human diet. Her current research focuses on establishing the metabolic phenotype for different population groups and the impact of dietary modulation. Her direct engagement with the industry has also led to her development of an extensive network, enabling research funding resilience.

In addition to her research, she drives her colleagues to academic excellence and impactful outputs in the area of gut health. She is also a well-regarded collaborator, working within and between the SEFARI institute groups for transdisciplinary research, and encourages others in these institutes to help promote the healthy eating message with the public and especially young children. She is described as “innovative, bright, and inspiring”, both an excellent scientist and communicator.

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Last reviewed: 21 Sep 2016