Case study: Lean Coach in the Supply Chain

Ryan Braddon is a Lean Coach in the Supply Chain Leadership team at Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated.

We are proud of all the apprentices who graduate our programme, but Ryan particularly illustrates the incredible opportunities a Mars Apprenticeship can lead to. Joining as an engineering apprentice in 2001 at our Wrigley plant, he gained vital experience working in the project engineering team before pursuing a path to become one of our factory Business Unit Leaders, responsible for our newest production line. He has since progressed to become a Lean Coach in our Supply Chain Leadership Team.

Ryan Braddon: "During my career I have been able to work with some great people and enjoy some fantastic opportunities, throughout all of these experiences I have been able to use and rely on the fundamentals that I learnt during my years as an apprentice."

Since 1932, when we began making some of the best loved brands in the UK, the world has changed dramatically. What hasn't changed is the importance of new talent to help us constantly think and do things differently.

We're delighted to work with the Food and Drink Federation to help inspire students to think differently about how they can put their maths and technology skills into action every day with a career in the food industry.

Mars in the UK is part of Mars, Incorporated, a family owned company. Employing over 4,000 Associates across several sites in the U K, we manufacture confectionery, food, petcare and drinks products. We have a huge range of opportunities – from apprenticeships to graduate programs – that we can't wait for you to discover.

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Last reviewed: 17 Mar 2016