Case study: Nutrition Sciences Placement Student

Georgia Mission is a Nutrition Sciences Placement Student at PepsiCo.

In my role I support other nutritionists in the European team in their work.

My work varies but can include: analysing our own and competitor products, researching topics of interest, providing media updates to our team and supporting education initiatives.

During my time at PepsiCo I have been privileged enough to attend conferences and research presentations on brand-new research. What is enjoyable about this is you must understand how to use the research to develop products and help the business.

I studied Biology, History and Geography at A-level before accepting a place at University to study Nutrition and Food Science. Most universities will require two science subjects at A-level, however what counts as a science will vary between universities.

My advice to those considering a career in food and drink would be to take a year in industry. It is a great opportunity to develop your employability, but also to find out what your interests are or whether you want to work within the food industry at all. The opportunities are much wider than I imagined.

Qualification requirements

At least an undergraduate degree in Nutrition or a related degree.

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Last reviewed: 17 Mar 2016