Case study: Ingredients Technologist

22-year-old Mansi Verma is an Ingredients Technologist at United Biscuits in High Wycombe.

I try lots of new ingredients to see which ones can help in making new biscuits with different flavours and textures. Also to see if I can use those new ingredients to make existing products even tastier. I never knew there were so many different types of flour!

I love the variety. I'm always working on so many different things that I'm never bored. Being able to eat lots of biscuits is a definite plus as well. When I was younger I wanted to be a chef. As I grew up I realised I didn't want to just be able to cook nice food but also understand why it did what it did.

That's exactly what my role at United Biscuits allows me to do. It's an ideal place for those who have curiosity and passion to innovate, just like me. It's such an interesting and varied area – it's hard to ever get bored when working with food. And you end up with so many interesting facts.

The food industry is a great place to make a career. It's very supportive and friendly. As long as you're always ready to find out 'why?' there's a role for you. From all the work experience I've done I can definitely say that the food industry has a balanced mix of men and women and jobs are given on what you can do rather than just who you are.

Qualification requirements

A degree in Food Science/Chemistry/Biosciences

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Last reviewed: 17 Mar 2016