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Webinar: Your IP, Your Risk


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Intellectual property (IP) is a critical and valuable commodity for any business and not protecting it can prove costly. Start-ups and small businesses often neglect intellectual property or try and do it themselves, sometimes with devastating effects. Having a well thought-out strategy for protecting the IP of a company's products is imperative for ensuring shareholder value and security.

This webinar aims to explain the legal effectiveness and differences of the various IP protective components: Trade Marks, patents, designs and copyright addressing:

  • Why Brand Protection is key to your Business
  • Importance of trade mark protection
  • Importance of early protection
  • Selecting your trade mark
  • Identifying and managing key markets
  • Territorial/scope of protection
  • Specific Copyright and IP issues
  • Copyright Risk: Who owns what?
  • How to protect your technical ideas and business model
    • Patents, designs
    • Confidential information and NDAs
    • Contractual protection

  • Questions and Answer Session

This webinar is presented to you by Nucleus IP, with Ese Akpogheneta, Ken Sewell of Nucleus IP and Guy Tritton, Barrister Hogarth Chambers.

Organiser: Reema Patel, 0207 4207208, reema.patel@fdf.org.uk