Growing Exports

Once the first shipment has left the UK there are several steps to take to increase your chances of repeat business and help built your reputation.

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Steps to take

Keep in contact with your overseas customers

Lack of communication from UK suppliers is unfortunately a common complaint from many international buyers. Communicate regularly with your customers by telephone and email and include them in your company newsletters. Make regular visits to your chosen export destination, review the progress made and ask for feedback. Ensure you are treating overseas buyers as you treat customers in the UK. FDEA can provide support and checklists.

Provide excellent customer service

Make sure that goods are being delivered on time as set out in each order confirmation. Have regular contact with your shipping company to make sure everything is on track and that your products are delivered without delay. Act quickly to prevent setbacks.

Contact other potential customers with FDEA guidance and regularly review the supply chain

If your products are not being exported exclusively to one buyer, make contact with other potential customers to grow your sales, especially as E-commerce continues to grow in importance. Your Department for International Trade (DIT) ITA and trade officers at British Embassies may be able to assist.

Maintain promotional activity

To ensure momentum, maintain promotional activity through attendance at trade fairs, social media presence and targeted advertising. This doesn't need to be expensive to be effective.

Agree a market development plan with an importer/distributor

The success of your products overseas should be almost as important to your export partners as it is to you. Put in place a jointly agreed development plan to help drive up sales and maintain an ongoing relationship.

Adapt what you have learnt to develop new markets

Utilise your experiences, feedback and skills and start exporting to new markets.

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