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Exports case study: Loch Duart Salmon

Loch Duart

Loch Duart farms in the Hebrides and Sutherland in a sustainable manner making no compromise in our aim to produce extraordinary tasting Scottish salmon, which is sold to leading hotels, restaurants and retailers in the UK and worldwide.

We export around 70% of our salmon to over 20 countries around the world including France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Eire, Portugal and Spain.


Loch Duart's market penetration (kilos per annum per capita of population) within any particular export country is second highest in Switzerland, after France in first place. The Swiss business customer (typically a wholesaler to HORECA) relates to the traditional values and high quality of Loch Duart salmon. The Swiss appreciate the high farming costs, mainly top grade high marine content feed, which engenders the outstandingly good taste and texture. Contrary to fish industry custom we always sell to Switzerland on a fixed price which may only change once per year. This has definite appeal to the Swiss business culture and the cultural link is enhanced with formality in customer service and respect for long standing business relations.


Japan is supplied by Loch Duart most weeks of the year. Our culinary experience is that the Japanese have the most searching standards for quality and are very eager students of any method of calibrating quality. Conversely, the Japanese place pricing issues higher than other countries despite their intimate knowledge and interest in quality. This has held back our market development. However, Loch Duart is not daunted and we feel that the correct branding message, correctly communicated will open up this massive fish eating market to Loch Duart in future years.

Andy Bing, Sales Director at Loch Duart

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Last reviewed: 26 Feb 2018