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Exports case study: Mr Kipling

Premier Foods has created an international business that delivers continuous double digit growth, with an enviable portfolio of Britain's best loved brands. Over the past three years sales have grown to reach more than £40m. One guiding principal that has helped it continue this ambitious trajectory is partnering with local retailers. Premier Foods provides them with two fundamental tools: home-grown shopper behavioural and trend insight matched with products that meet those specific needs.

Mr Kipling's Angel 
Slices Mr Kipling's Fruit Mince 

Jette Andersen, Managing Director – International, Premier Foods explains: “We've broken away from the traditional model where only third parties do our bidding for us. Additionally, we also speak directly to retailers, building long-lasting, insight driven relationships. We invest in research into the local market – information that they don't necessarily have access to and then build a range of products to meet the distinctive geographical needs.

“Australia is a firm success story. We commissioned a study to understand consumer motivations accounting for 88% of all sweet treat consumption occasions. This information was shared with retailers and we were able to broaden understanding of the bakery and packaged cake market. As a result, we've been able to unlock a number of opportunities for Mr Kipling and Cadbury cake ranges in the Australian market, leading not only to an incredible 10% market share within only three years but also growth of the total category as a result.”

This insight-driven strategy has led to the creation of world exclusives in the Australian market – Mr Kipling Fruit Mince Pies Brandy Port, Cherry Mince Pies and Cranberry & Orange Liqueur Mince Pies.

“Our relationship with the FDF continues to evolve and their insight into government operations in terms of trade agreements and market regulations has already allowed us to prepare for meetings and relationships that will be critical to our expansion,” concludes Jette.

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Last reviewed: 26 Feb 2018