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Exports case study: Quaker Oats

Since acquiring Quaker in 2001, PepsiCo has invested over £50 million in to the business including installing seven new production lines. In the past decade or so Quaker has doubled exported volumes.

Today, the Mill in Fife supplies products to over 60 countries around the world with over half of total tonnage going to exports in 2015. This includes many countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of the Middle East mainly with traditional oats in tins and aluminium bags.

The country we export most to is Saudi Arabia which accounts for around 32% of the tonnage exported in 2016. Oats are particularly popular during Ramadan given their energy sustaining benefits. Beyond Saudi Arabia the largest export markets for Quaker Oats are Holland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Greece and Nigeria.

The largest growth market in the past decade has been Pakistan with an over fifty fold increase in tonnage exports.

Today there are almost 300 employees working at the Fife mill which runs 24/7. We also remain committed to building a biomass plant at the site, pending government funding.

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Last reviewed: 10 Jul 2018