Exports case study: Mr Lee's Noodles

Mr Lee's are a new premium brand of healthier noodles in a cup. By utilising freeze-dried ingredients, they have innovated the instant noodle industry by creating one of the only noodles with no MSGs, preservatives, colourings, or other nasties.

Their mission is to help food consumers live and eat better, as seen through their commitment to inspiring a generation of health conscious eaters. By providing one of the healthiest noodles on the market, Mr Lee's diverse range of flavours are an extension of this ethos; one of the lowest instant noodle soups in salt, sugar, fats (saturated) and calories with no MSG's, artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

They currently operate in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia, China and New Zealand. This is the result of a secured food supply agreement with one of the major Australian airlines and their launch in ca. 900 supermarkets Down Under, as well as China, Denmark and Germany based hotel chains. Their award winning 'smart noodle kiosks' are also listed with one of the leading global contract catering companies, who endeavour to take their innovate vending machines worldwide, starting with the UK and Australia.

As of Q1 2018, the total percentage of their sales revenue exported equals approximately 60%. As direct-to-corporate, traditional retail and wholesale trades increase both nationally and internationally, it's likely that this figure will continue to rise, as ultimately, the business wants to go fully global.

Last reviewed: 16 Nov 2018