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Tips for a successful awards entry

  • Please read the FAQs and Awards Terms and Conditions
  • Please complete the form fully. The judges only have the contents of the form on which to base their decision. Even if your project has already won awards they make their decisions on the form alone
  • Provide evidence to support your claims – measurable outcomes give judges good information on which to assess your entry. If it is too soon to evaluate, show how you have arrived at your projection
  • Make your supporting evidence count. Supporting evidence can add to an entry but too much of the same thing eg lots of photos of the same event can detract. Avoid very large files (eg catalogues or press cuttings that are over 5 pages)
  • Make sure you list the titles of your supporting documents at the end of the form, and that the files you upload match these titles.
  • Stick to word counts where indicated, do not exceed the maximum amount of words.
  • Don't be put off by other entrants. Small businesses can be deterred from competing against the big companies, however when small firms enter, they have a really great track record of success
  • Make your form tell a clear story. You don't need to employ a professional bid writer or marketer to do the job but make sure the author has a good knowledge of the project or individual
  • When completing online, make sure you click the submit button when you have finished the form. You should receive a confirmation email with a list of uploaded files, double check that you have submitted everything.
  • And don't forget to check back on the FDF website regularly for awards updates.