FDF awards 2015 - Campaign of the Year

General Mills - The Haagen Dazs Real Campaign

Haagen Dazs created the luxury ice cream category in the UK in the late 1980s. The brand was the first to offer a truly indulgent treat, the first ice cream for discerning grown-ups and a much talked about advertising campaign.

Since then the world has changed as has the luxury ice cream category and the task for General Mills has been to re-establish Haagen Dazs as the leader in the luxury ice cream market. The General Mills campaign has been based around the theme 'Nothing is Better Than Real' and has two specific strands – PR and Above The Line. The campaign has used all of the available media channels to meet two objectives, a growth in pint sales and the re-engagement of consumers with the Haagen Dazs brand.

'Real idea, real emotion' was the main push of the campaign with the objective to get consumers to empathise with Haagen Dazs as the only real adult ice cream. The campaign targeted eight segments of all British households that were likely to buy luxury ice cream.

The campaign resulted in successful advertising and social media interactions and national press coverage. The outcomes for the campaign have been very positive with exceptional growth during the campaign period, the highest year-on-year value increase in two years.

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Last reviewed: 03 Sep 2015