The SFDF Reformulation Programme

SFDF Reformulation ProgrammeAround 50 small and medium-sized food producers were helped to reduce calories, salt and saturates in their products without compromising on taste by Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)'s Reformulation Programme. Between 2011-14, these companies, which typically do not have a significant technical new product development resource or in house reformulation experience, received free, tailored reformulation advice via SFDF's Scottish Government (Health) funded Programme.

During the Programme, some significant reductions in salt, saturates and energy were achieved, several of which are included here as examples.


  • SFDF's Reformulation Programme directly supported around 50 producers across Scotland.
  • Through events, case studies and media articles, SFDF helped promote reformulation best practice and highlight the consumer and commercial benefits of reformulation to producers across the UK.
  • SFDF published 'Reformulation for Health: Guidance for SMEs' to offer guidance and inspiration for food and drink producers that want to find out how reformulation could help their customers as well as their business, alongside signposting to other sources of practical advice and information.

SFDF Reformulation Programme Case Studies

Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2015