Digital Twin Technology to Support Net-Zero Manufacturing

IES is a global climate tech company delivering innovative digital twin technology and consultancy to decarbonise the built environment.

Over 28+ years they have built a solid reputation as a leading innovator in integrated performance-based analysis, supporting the energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of buildings and their associated energy networks.

IES recognise the challenges the food and drink sector face to reach net-zero, particularly in understanding the complex energy needs of factories where there are multiple production lines, data sources and systems to manage, alongside the facility buildings.

IES’ digital twin solutions can help FDF members address these data challenges, while offering a range of capability to assess different decarbonisation scenarios, optimise process efficiency, reduce energy, CO2 emissions and costs, and explore potential for local energy production and waste heat recovery, in one centralised platform.

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Linkedin: IES Ltd.

An IES digital twin has guided a food manufacturer in Spain towards an immediate energy & cost reduction of £32k a year, with ROI inside 1 year.