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Complexity, simplified.

P2D simplify the way businesses manage any form of IT project, from digital transformation to software refresh, engineering and development. We support you adapting to change and streamline processes, drive efficiencies and futureproof operations.

Specialising in the Agri-food sector and logistics industry, our SaaS solutions enable the compliant movement of goods globally, during a period of significant legislative change.

Our core service offerings are:

Customs – Streamline creation of customs declarations processes by utilising master data and built in P&R enrichment tools.

Traces – Digital SPS compliance and certification tool supporting businesses moving goods across border with full traceability.

360 – Remotely monitor site compliance, operations and security in real-time.

Track&Trace – Visualise and track the secure movement of goods globally.

Consultancy – Access to industry experts to provide support and insight into best practise and how to streamline your compliance processes.

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