Western Union Business Solutions work with a range of businesses in the Food and Drink Industry to help manage currency risk, inform them of market events and protect profit margins.

Don’t get caught out

It can be difficult to budget ahead when exchange rates shift between the time you receive an invoice and its due date.

Our highly qualified risk solutions experts are here/on hand to help you formulate a plan to manage these risks that’s aligned to your business goals and objectives.

Transact with a Trusted Provider

Enjoy the confidence of working with a provider with leading global compliance expertise.

Over 100,000 organizations use our services to process international payments, and we collaborate with regulators to develop compliance frameworks that meet appropriate industry standards.

Gain confidence in your cash flow

Many businesses find it challenging to identify where their cash flow is exposed to currency volatility.

Our experts are here to help you ensure the appropriate tools are being utilised to help you identify risk and keep cash flow running smoothly.

Go Green with your currency hedging

Momentum is building for corporate reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Governments, but also customers and shareholders now expect businesses to demonstrate that they are playing their part in mitigating climate risk.

Western Union Business Solutions is offering you the opportunity to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy while taking advantage of our unparalleled expertise in currency risk management.

More information

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