15 November 2021

10:30 - 13:00

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This course is designed to provide delegates with an awareness of the main activities undertaken by their business that have environmental law compliance obligations. The course provides practical steps to identifying the relationship between business activities and environmental law. The course adopts a “walk through” methodology for identifying environmental law linkages in a typical food and drink sector organisation by identifying key inputs and outputs, activities, processes, products and services at each stage of the production process from raw material procurement through to product issue and product end of life.

The course will be useful for delegates new to environmental law, but also for those with more experience looking for a refresher into the many ways environmental laws apply to a typical organisation. The course will identify key laws but will not go into detail on individual compliance requirements. This information, which is contained in the Module 2 courses, will be signposted so delegates can supplement their learning with more detailed practical compliance management by environmental media (such as waste, water or carbon etc.) should this be required.

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Learning outcomes:

  • To identify different business activities and their relationship to environmental law
  • Understanding organisational structure and its relationship to environmental law
  • The purpose of an environmental law review
  • How to set up, complete and take forward the results of an environmental law review
  • The relationship between an environmental law review and an environmental risk assessment

Course agenda:

Course introduction

The environmental law review: a quick introduction

The environmental law review: Preparatory stages

  • Where to start
  • Setting up the review, scope, teams and deliverables
  • Information gathering
  • Communication

The environmental law review: Organisational structure

  • Corporate legal structure and environmental law


The environmental law review: Operational activities

  • Procurement: Product compliance and due diligence
  • Storage: Substance identification, location, thresholds and containment
  • Manufacturing: Activities and throughput
  • Utilities and site services: Gas, Electricity, Water, Trade Effluent, Combustion and Refrigeration.
  • Buildings and grounds: Energy performance, Air conditioning, Heating, fabric,
  • Waste

Facilitated workshop:

  • Identifying environmental law linkages from site operational activities
  • Taking forward the results of an environmental law review

Q&A and next steps.

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