04 May 2021

09:00 -

Please note this course is split into three sessions over three days:

  • Session One: Tuesday 4th May, 9.00am – 11.15am
  • Session Two: Thursday 6th May, 9.00am – 11.15am
  • Session Three: Tuesday 11th May, 9.00am – 11.15am

Brought to you by the biggest GSCOP training provider, the retail mind, this highly interactive and pragmatic workshop has been adapted to deliver via Zoom and has already proved successful.

The usual one day workshop is split into three, two hour Zoom sessions across three days, with an additional breakout after the final session. This, along with polled questions, regular and adhoc Q&A and some light homework in between, ensures that it delivers real impact and action.

It covers managing risk, protecting revenue and ensures your teams can prevent poor agreements. It also enables sellers to hold buyers to account and still keep a strong relationship. Previous delegate businesses have saved in excess of £15m.

We provide not only an understanding of the Code that you can use on a daily basis but cover specifically:

  • Supply Agreements – getting one in place
  • Forecasting – getting what you need
  • De-listing – ensuring you get given reasonable notice
  • Variation of terms – what a Retailer is allowed to do
  • Requests for lump sums – how to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘yes’
  • Customer complaints – when you should be paying

Course objectives:

  • To understand what GSCOP is, why it was set up, and its key elements
  • To know how GSCOP affects you and your role
  • To instil confidence on how to use GSCOP day to day
  • Using GSCOP in a practical & pragmatic way, without it impacting Retailer relationships
  • To have the knowledge to better safeguard your business from unfair dealing


Who should attend?

  • Commercial and Sales Directors
  • Key Account Managers
  • Key finance or supply chain colleagues who work directly with Retailers
  • All direct suppliers, whether of branded, private label, irrespective of size

Previous delegates have said...

Based on feedback from delegates their understanding of GSCOP increased by over 100% and confidence when talking to UK Retailers increased by over 120%.

This course is presented to you by Ged Futter and David Miles of GSCOP Ltd, experts in Retail and Relationship management.

Please note this course is split into three sessions over three days:

• Session One: Thursday 4 February,  9.00am – 11.15am
• Session Two: Tuesday 9 February, 9.00am – 11.15am
• Session Three: Thursday 11 February, 9.00am – 11.15am