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All businesses depend and impact on natural capital. Through understanding and considering the risks and opportunities created by nature, businesses can make better decisions that benefit themselves, society and the planet as a whole.

The Food & Beverage (F&B) sector heavily relies on natural capital for its raw materials, energy, land, water and a stable climate. The sector also has some of the greatest potential to bring about positive change; developing a F&B system that supports healthy people and a healthy planet will create a business opportunity that benefits us all.

However, when it comes to applying natural capital approaches, companies often don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the amount of terminology, methodologies and tools that exist out there.

The We Value Nature Campaign has developed engaging and compelling training material aimed at supporting businesses at the start of their natural capital journey. The material helps business understand their relationship to nature and guides them in a practical and simple way through key approaches and tools to integrating natural capital in decision-making.

In collaboration with Nature^Squared, We Value Nature will host on 22 October from 09:00-11:30 BST an introductory training tailored to the Food & Beverage sector for members of the Food and Drink Federation (fdf).

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Learning objectives

The learning objectives for the introductory training on natural capital are to understand:

  • What is natural capital and its linkages with business decision-making and risk management,
  • Natural capital impacts & dependencies, as well as risks & opportunities related to the F&B sector,
  • What are some of the key approaches & tools to integrating natural capital in decision-making.

Who will you learn from?

Daan Groot

Founder, Nature^Squared

Daan is the founder and managing director of Nature^Squared, a boutique project office on natural capital and biodiversity, based in The Netherlands. With their projects, they are focused on connecting ecology and economics, and contribute to resilient societies and economies, supported by a resilient planet earth. Daan also serves as a Professor of Applied Sciences at HAS University and chairs their research program on new business models for regenerative agriculture. Nature^Squared is a technical advisor to the Natural Capital Coalition and Daan serves as member of the Capitals Coalition Advisory Panel and has been ranked among the 100 most influential sustainability professionals of The Netherlands.

Iris Visser

Analyst, Nature^Squared

Iris is working as an analyst at Nature^Squared. She works across several domains including Green Finance and Business & Biodiversity. In that role, she had coordinated a wide range of projects and published various reports, such as the WWF report on Bankable Nature Solutions. In addition, she facilitates a Community of Practice with Dutch F&B businesses on their role in landscapes. As a human geographer, Iris is trained to think in a holistic manner and can easily transcend different disciplines. Her world has always been larger than the Netherlands: she successfully completed her masters’ degree in Copenhagen and has valuable research experiences on the topic of sustainable farming in Kenya and Belize.


Katia Bonga

Manager, Redefining Value, WBCSD

Katia is part of WBCSD’s measurement & valuation workstream and is leading all of We Value Nature’s capacity-building work, including the project’s trainings, train-the-trainers and other supporting activities. She has previously led projects that aimed to further integrate finance into sustainability, and worked as a Sustainability Reporting Analyst as part of WBCSD’s Reporting Matters program. Prior to her experience with WBCSD, she worked as an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Research Analyst, as well as a social impact consultant. Katia holds a master’s degree in Socio-Economics from the University of Geneva. Her passion for sustainability goes beyond her professional experiences as she is in charge of the sustainability department of two associative organizations based in her hometown.