04 March 2021

03:00 - 04:00

See how you can use game changing IoT energy insights for competitive and environmental advantage.

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See how you can use game changing IoT energy insights for competitive and environmental advantage.

Our Panoramic Power energy insights technology is helping food and drink businesses to unlock big cost and carbon savings from operational efficiency, asset optimisation and improved energy performance.

Gain full visibility of energy usage across your sites, equipment and processes - using our low-cost wireless sensors, attached to a cloud-based analytics platform.

  • See how you can capture and act on real-time intelligence to improve profits & sustainability
  • Discover how manufacturing businesses are applying energy insights to increase financial and environmental performance
  • Understand exactly how, when and where energy is being used and how to reduce waste
  • Optimise your energy & operations, while reducing business risk
  • Improve productivity, analyse asset performance and inform maintenance strategies
  • Inform end-to-end sustainable energy management strategies and investment

We will share cases of real F&D manufacturing companies who have leveraged our energy insights solutions to control their energy and reduce their costs, making them more profitable and sustainable. The webinar will cover:

  • Identifying problems for F&D manufacturing – the need to measure energy
  • How we can help F&D manufacturing – knowing your usage, actioning that data, risk management, overview of use cases
  • Our solution: Energy Insights


  • Daniel King – Head of Strategic Partnerships, Centrica Business Solutions
  • Chimere Harbor – Customer Success Manager, Centrica Business Solutions
  • Peter Catlow, Director of Sustainability, Businesswise

Running order

  • How Centrica Business Solutions and Businesswise can support your sustainable energy strategy
  • Improving operational performance via better energy monitoring and measurement
  • Understanding how you are using energy beyond the meter, how to action that intelligence to reduce costs, emissions and risk
  • Case study examples of how manufacturers are applying energy insights for better performance
  • Introducing our IoT technology: Energy Insights
  • Live Demo