26 January 2022

10:00 - 12:30

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Pollution incidents to water are one of the most common ways organisations breach environmental law. This course is designed to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the main environmental laws and compliance obligations relating to water. The course will identify the main ways in which organisations typically interact with water such as planned and unplanned discharges to water, the requirements for obtaining the required permissions and managing compliance.

The course will be informative for delegates new to environmental law, those with responsibility for minimising pollution incidents on site and as a refresher for existing practitioners looking to gain an understanding of the regulatory landscape for water.

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Learning outcomes:


  • Understanding different water receptors and pollution pathways
  • The role and powers of the water regulators
  • Understand the scope and compliance requirements of the main water laws related to food and drink sector sites.
  • Recognising planned and unplanned activities which require authorisation under water law
  • Managing compliance with water laws
  • Techniques to prevent water pollution and how to manage a water pollution incident


Course agenda:


Course introduction

 Water pollution, a quick overview:

  • Defining and characterising water receptors; sewers, freshwater, coastal water and groundwater
  • Impacts to water and aquatic species from common food and drink sector pollutants

Water legislation:

  • Water Industry Act 1991:
    • Definition of ‘Trade Effluent’ and ‘public sewer’
    • Identifying operations that generate trade effluent and the associated compliance obligations.
    • Applying for authorisation (Discharge Consent) to discharge trade effluent to public sewer.
    • Understanding and managing compliance with Discharge Consent conditions.
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016:
    • Definition of ‘Water Discharge Activity’ and ‘Groundwater Activity’
    • Identifying operations that generate water discharge / groundwater activities and their associated compliance obligations.
    • Applying for authorisation (Environmental Permit) to carry out a water discharge / groundwater activity.
    • Understanding and managing compliance with Environmental permit conditions
    • Managing water/groundwater activities and trade effluent discharges within an “installation environmental permit”.
  • Other relevant water laws


Case study exercise:

  • Reviewing recent water law prosecutions, understanding root cause and discussion on best practice preventative approaches to minimise reoccurrence.

Water law: best practice management:

  • Common pitfalls in water law compliance management
  • Managing a water pollution incident.
  • Best practice techniques to prevent water pollution

Q&A and next steps.

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