08 February 2022

10:00 - 12:30

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Environmental law is subject to frequent change, with the introduction of new laws or amendments to existing laws a relatively common occurrence. Sitting behind many of the changes are developments in environmental policy, the early debating stages in Parliament of green and white papers and Bills, and the release of formal consultations. This course provides delegates with an understanding of the processes that give rise to changes to environmental law and the tools to identify and track changes in advance of their formal release into law. The course also sets out the main developments and changes that are likely to come into effect, providing businesses with the confidence that they remain compliant and maximise the time available to prepare for any strategic or operational changes to business processes.

The course is particularly useful for environmental and sustainability managers with responsibilities for environmental law compliance management, and also senior management wishing to gain an appreciation of the future environmental law landscape and its influence on strategic business objectives.  

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Learning outcomes:


  • Develop a clear understand of how environmental laws evolve and change
  • Recognise the importance to business from the early identification of developments in environmental policy and law.
  • Gain an understanding of the latest developments in key government policy and strategy concerning the environment
  • Keep up to date with changes to UK environmental law from Brexit
  • Identify the latest environmental law consultations and their likely impacts on business.
  • Track progress with key environmental themes including the Environment Bill, Carbon, Plastics, Packaging and Pesticides.
  • Introduction to the ways in which new environmental law is introduced or existing environmental law can be changed.


Course agenda:


Course introduction

 The evolution of environmental law, a quick introduction  

  • Primary and secondary legislation
  • Amendments, repeals and revocations
  • ‘Coming into effect’ and delayed legal measures
  • Government policy
  • Consultations

 Horizon scanning: Policy and Strategy

  • Review of progress and updates on:
    • Environmental law and the UK relationship with the European Union
    • 25 year environmental plan
    • Strategies:
      • Waste and resources, Industrial, Clean Growth, Industrial Decarbonisation


 Horizon scanning: Consultations

  • Extended Producer Responsibility, Carbon, Plastics, Pesticides

 The Environment Bill

  • Latest developments and progress

 Best practice techniques for keeping up to date with environmental law

 Q&A and next steps.

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