12 May 2022

11:00 - 12:00

The Environment has become an increasingly important topic for all businesses over the last 2 years, as there is more data that supports our understanding that we are depleting the earth’s resources in an unsustainable way, also partly COVID related, partly due to the Attenborough and Thunberg effect. Extreme weather events and more recently commitments from the COP26 summit and the Environment Act receiving royal assent have all continued to drive the importance.

Previously there was an awareness of climate change but many people didn’t  expect that it would have an impact within their life time.   Increasingly we are now seeing climate related impacts with extreme weather conditions globally together with wildlife and species in decline.

There are likely to be significant challenges ahead for all businesses; related to climate change as well as business resilience and climate adaptation. In addition there will be challenges associated with energy transition and decarbonisation.

The concept of Natural Capital isn’t new,  the term was first used nearly 50 years ago.   However it’s only in the few years that it’s increased in prominence and been recognised as increasingly important in considering the real value the environment has in business decision making.


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Stewart Lenton

Stewart has over 30 years’ experience in Environmental Consulting, and has extensively worked with both public sector and private sector clients, across a wide range of sectors. Stewart is a member of the Environment Industries Committee Natural Capital Task Force, he also Chairs the SLR Global Natural Capital Group, and leads SLR’s Natural Capital services.

Sue Swain

Sue has over 30 years’ experience of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and has advised companies on regulatory compliance. Sue is Head of the Industry Sector in the European Region which includes clients in the chemical sector. Sue alongside Stewart also leads SLR’s Natural Capitals services and has experience of advising clients on Natural Capital.


HSE / Safety Directors /Managers

Environment and Sustainability Directors / Managers

Operations Directors / Managers

CEO’s/ Managing Directors

CSR Directors/ Managers