Many companies within our industry do exceptional work, creating products or developing new ways of thinking and working.

Entrants must show either of these:

  • Significant development achieved over the past three years in either product research and/or Development in the food supply chain e.g. developing new ingredients to cut waste or improve yield.
  • A significant and innovative change to the way you do business e.g. processes, factory design or logistics.

Previous winners

FDF Awards - Innovation 2021 - Company Shop Group

Case Study

Innovation 2021 - Company Shop Group

The Luminary Programme is a pioneering mentoring programme for industry leaders, shining a light on ways to make intelligent surplus management an asset for business, a benefit for the planet, and a force for good in communities everywhere.

Meatless Farm

Case Study

Innovation 2020

Meatless Farm have been working to develop their range to make it as healthy and tasty as possible. This year, Meatless Farm is launching its first ever soya-free products, from the brand’s new pea product range.

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Case Study

Innovation 2019

Founded almost 50 years ago, Company Shop Group is a wholly family-owned business that has grown from a single corner shop to the £40m+ business that it is today.

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