FDF members use advertising responsibly, following strict UK codes. These include rules for food and drink that can be advertised to children on TV and digital media, enforced by an independent regulator.

The UK Government will introduce additional restrictions on HFSS advertising in October 2025.  The restrictions will introduce a 9pm HFSS advertising watershed on TV, and a ban on all paid-for HFSS advertising online. We fundamentally disagree with this policy, as the evidence does not support that restrictions will reduce childhood obesity. (Governments own data estimates just a 2 calorie daily deficit in children’s diets as a result of these restrictions).

Advertising bans will limit companies’ ability to advertise many reformulated and smaller portioned food and drink. This will pose a real threat to companies trying to launch healthier products.

The FDF’s work focuses on responding to UK Government consultations to extend the advertising restrictions and to change the foods and drink they apply to (nutrient profile model review). We are also supporting our members to prepare for the new regulations with guidance and resources. For more information, please see our HFSS Toolkit.

Toolkit: HFSS toolkit

13 July 2023

This toolkit brings together key resources to help you navigate regulations relating to food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).

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Webinar: What’s next for advertising and promotion of HFSS products across the UK?

25 July 2023

Are you confused by the complex regulations that affect the advertising and promotion of your HFSS products? This webinar, recorded live on 25th July 2023, includes presentations from speakers with extensive experience in helping companies interpret regulation in this area

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Guidance on comparative nutrition claims

This FDF guidance provides detailed best practice regulatory advice on the requirements and appropriate wording for comparative nutrition claims to be used in the labelling and advertising of food and drink products.


Government delays volume promotions and advertising ban

The Government is to delay a ban on multi-buy promotions and advertising on food and drink products for 12 months due to the “unprecedented” squeeze on living standards.

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Food and Drink Federation responds to Government advertising ban plans

The FDF has issued the below response in relation to Government plans to move ahead with an advertising ban on products high in fat salt and sugar (HFSS).

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Report: Celebrating Food and Nutrition Report 2023

11 September 2023

The FDF and our members are committed to developing healthier products and have made substantial progress to date. This is not straightforward but is one of the most important measures food producers can take to improve the nations' health.

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