The FDF believes food and drink promotions bring varied and significant benefits to consumers, retailers and manufacturers. The benefits to consumers are significant; they reduce the cost of food and enable new innovations and brands to be brought to the market.

We do not believe that bans on promotion of certain food and drinks should be introduced. There is very limited evidence to suggest that this would help to reduce childhood obesity.

Promotional restrictions would limit companies’ ability to bring reformulated and smaller portioned products to the market. This will pose a real threat to companies trying to launch healthier products in line with Government reformulation programmes.

The FDF continues to engage with Government to highlight concerns and seek clarity on the HFSS promotional restrictions that will come into force in England in October 2022 (location restrictions) and October 2023 (multibuy restrictions).  There will be consultations on equivalent measures in Scotland and in Wales later in 2022.

Advertising and promotions regulations

New Advertising and Promotions Regulations for food and drink high in fat, salt and sugar – What you need to know. A summary of the forthcoming regulations, pinpointing scope, timings and how FDF can support your business.

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Webinar on understanding the HFSS promotional location regulations

New Regulations on the placement of foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) will come into force on 1 October 2022. This webinar (held on 7 June 2022) provides guidance from FDF and the British Retail Consortium to help your business prepare.  It includes advice on:

  • Whether your business will be liable
  • How to identify if your products are in scope
  • How to calculate the nutrient profiling model ‘HFSS’ score


HFSS volume promotions and advertising restrictions delayed by 12 months

The Government have announced the following delays to the regulations on food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt:

  • Volume promotion restrictions (e.g. buy one get one free and % extra free deals) for England will be delayed by 12 months, and will now come into force in October 2023
  • 9pm TV and video on demand watershed, and paid-for advertising restrictions online in the UK will be delayed by 12 months, and will now come into force in January 2024

We understand that the volume promotion restrictions have been delayed based on concerns of the impact banning these deals may have on the cost of living crisis, whilst the advertising restrictions have been delayed due to practicalities of the timeframes needed to develop the secondary regulations and guidance for industry. To note, the HFSS location promotion restrictions in England (e.g. front of store, end of aisles, and checkouts) are still due to come into force in October 2022.
We understand that a written ministerial statement will be shared in parliament next week setting out how the legislation will change.

We, along with many of you, have been raising rumours of these delays with the relevant Departments for the last couple of weeks to be told they were completely unfounded, but it looks like Number 10’s need to address the cost of living crisis has meant the decision has been taken out of Departmental hands.

Supporting Effective Implementation of UK HFSS Promotion and Placement Regulations Conference

The University of Southampton is hosting a free virtual conference covering implementation and enforcement factors related to the HFSS Promotion and Placement legislation.

This will be held on 10th May and you can register here.

To see full details of the speakers and topics that will be covered, please view this flyer.

DHSC publish guidance on Restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar or salt by location and by volume price

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has published the guidance on Restricting promotions of products high in fat, sugar or salt by location and by volume price, that come into force from 1st October 2022. The purpose of the guidance document will be to help illustrate how the provisions of the regulations work and should be applied.


UK chosen to lead new Sugar and Calorie Reduction Network

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has chosen the UK to lead a new Sugar and Calorie Reduction network to take global action on sugar and calorie reduction. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chris Whitty, announced the formation of the network. The UK has seen good progress in sugar reduction and will be using its world-leading expertise in domestic sugar and calorie reduction to support European countries.

The new network’s member states will share learning and technical expertise to encourage manufacturers to reformulate products, reducing the amount of sugar and calories in food and drink. The WHO Sugar and Calorie Reduction Network will launch in spring 2022. Find out more


Government delays volume promotions and advertising ban

The Government is to delay a ban on multi-buy promotions and advertising on food and drink products for 12 months due to the “unprecedented” squeeze on living standards.

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The FDF responds to HFSS promotion restrictions guidance

The government has introduced new guidance on High in Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) food including restrictions on volume offers and new rules on placement and promotion.

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Food price rises 'inevitable' as sanctions bite

UK consumers will face even higher bills and potential shortages unless ministers help the food and drink industry control costs.

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Report: Celebrating Food and Nutrition

07 April 2022

The Food and Drink Federation has published its 'Celebrating Food and Nutrition' report, showcasing the work of UK food and drink manufacturers to support the nation's health by improving the nutritional status of their products and offering consumers a wide variety of options to support sustainable, balanced diets.

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