Food businesses must comply with the principles of food safety and law. Food must be safe, but also must be what it says it is. Food information must not mislead the consumer, particularly about its characteristics (e.g. composition, quantity, durability, origin and nutrition).

To inform and protect consumers' interests, regulatory systems are in place to ensure food law is applied across the food chain. Food standards, safety and hygiene enforcement is primarily the responsibility of local authorities, however the creation of food law and its supporting regimes are the function of UK central government.

Food information and regulatory assurance

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Ukraine crisis

We're urgently working with FDF member companies in our sector to understand the impact of the sanctions imposed on Russia. Businesses want to do the right thing in ensuring they abide by the measures taken by governments in response to Russian aggression. 


General food labelling

Food labelling is an important means of providing essential information to consumers. This includes details on a food’s ingredients, composition, durability, storage and preparation requirements, any safety related information and identification of the manufacturer.

nutrition and health claims

Nutrition and health claims

Scientifically substantiated nutrition and health claims enable consumers to make informed and meaningful food choices.


Nutrition labelling

The communication of a food’s nutritional properties supports consumers to make informed food purchasing decision.

origin labelling

Origin labelling

Origin declarations communicate to consumers the provenance of a food product.

food law

Regulatory assurance framework

Regulatory systems, in place by both local and central government, ensure food law is applied across the food chain.

News and guidance

The Food and Drink Federation comments on the decision to allow ingredients to be substituted on labels due to shortages

UK manufacturers are working hard to ensure food remains on shelves amid intense global supply chain pressures. We welcome the decision that companies can alter their labels to reflect the current lack of availability of sunflower oil, but it is troubling that it has taken two weeks to reach this point.

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