Ensuring food is safe is our number 1 priority.

The provision of safe, authentic and traceable food is of the highest importance to our sector. Using the latest advances in science and technology, we look to ensure that despite rapid changes in supply chain dynamics, the food that people eat is safer today than it has ever been.

The FDF works with member companies and stakeholders to ensure that pragmatic food regulations provide a level playing field for businesses whilst providing protection for consumers. The combined expertise within the FDF and its members ensures that advances in our understanding of food safety are deployed to deliver the greatest possible benefits.

Food safety and science

allergy and intolerance

Allergen labelling and management

Some people are hypersensitive to certain foods and can suffer adverse reactions, which for some can be life threatening. Food hypersensitivities include food allergies, food intolerances, and coeliac disease. The FDF assists the UK food industry through its provision of technical guidance on allergen labelling and management.


Food safety management and assurance

Food safety management and assurance are integral to the provision of safe, authentic products. Responsible and competent food and drink manufacturers have developed, and continuously review, rigorous systems focused on ensuring the safety and authenticity of their food products.

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Gene editing

Gene editing describes a range of techniques which can be used to make precise changes to an organism’s own DNA. It does not introduce DNA from other species, but offers a way of making targeted beneficial changes which could have occurred more slowly naturally, or through conventional breeding techniques.

incident management

Incident prevention and management

The FDF is proactively engaged with members and regulators on incident prevention and horizon scanning for emerging issues, to inform industry’s own activity to maintain the assurance and integrity of its products and supply chains.

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Related topics

food information

Food information and regulatory assurance

To inform and protect consumers' interests in food, regulatory systems are in place to ensure that food law is applied across the food chain.


General food labelling

Food labelling is an important means of providing essential information to consumers. This includes details on a food’s ingredients, composition, durability, storage and preparation requirements, any safety related information and identification of the manufacturer.

diet and heath

Diet and health

FDF members are committed to ensuring people have access to a wide range of food and drinks that can support a balanced lifestyle.


EU exit

The FDF produces a range of resources to help guide companies through the complexities arising as the UK leaves the EU. This includes our Brexit Roadmap resource. The FDF also runs various Brexit-related committees.