The FDF has been working to put in place a range of solutions that will help members moving goods into and out of the EU. This includes a programme of training courses, free expert guidance, customs support and staffing assistance.

If you would like to learn more about any of the customs support listed below or want to discuss further how FDF can help then please contact 


If you are struggling to make head or tails of the paperwork or processes in importing or exporting, the team at Open Borders Direct® are here to help. Contact them via their website and receive free 3-month helpline access. Sign up using the Trade Association dropdown to take advantage.

Customs Processing

Benefit from a reliable and faster clearance of product into the EU. Unsworth have bespoke solutions to move food and drink into the EU, including POAO. On the ground support in France and simplified VAT requirements ensure quick clearance through Calais and free circulation in the EU.


Our Export Bootcamps provide UK-EU food and drink trade training. Covering a package of practical support to fill knowledge gaps on new international trade practices. Topics include: Tariff Codes; SPS Export and Import Licence; How to Access Zero Tariffs from a Free Trade Agreement/Rules of Origin. 


Grow your in-house expertise to address your import and export issues with Pedagogo. By taking advantage of the Kickstart initiative, you will be provided with a wholly funded international trade executive employee for a period of up to 6 months on a temporary contract of 25 hours per week.

CustomsClear - the software that helps you submit export declarations with ease

Are you a UK business moving goods to the EU and tired of added costs, more paperwork and uncertainty about the status of your goods? Deloitte’s new customs declarations software – CustomsClear – is now live and ready for exports. CustomsClear enables you to quickly submit your customs declarations directly to HMRC, with no customs expertise or set-up costs required.

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Get 30 days of free access to CustomsClear to submit unlimited export declarations. If you like it, you can access 10% discount as a member of the FDF.
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Note: All business relationships are between Open Borders Direct®/Unsworth/Pedagogo and the client, not FDF. FDF receives a small commission from Open Borders Direct®/Unsworth/Pedagogo for any FDF member signing up to use Open Borders Direct®/Unsworth/Pedagogo.

Webinar: The future of imports: what you need to do to keep your goods moving

10 September 2021

Listen to this webinar for a full insight into the future of imports from the EU into the UK and what key guidance you need to know in order to continue trading without friction.

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