A composite product contains both plant and processed products of animal origin (POAO) e.g. milk and eggs.

As part of much broader changes to the Animal Health Regulation, a new EU Regulation concerning composite products is due to come into force on 21 April 2021.

 Under this new Regulation:

  • all shelf-stable composite products not containing meat will need to be accompanied by an attestation signed by the importer in the EU (and NI); and
  • certain shelf-stable composite products not containing meat will be required to meet official controls at the EU (and NI) border.

This bring into scope a large number of products requiring official controls at EU Border Control Points (BCP), which are currently exempt. This includes breakfast cereals, cereal-based snacks and bakery mixes.  Clearly this will place further pressure on moving goods through BCPs.

Even products exempted from official controls at the border will still need to complete attestations which requires detailed information. This includes the approval number of the establishments manufacturing the processed POAO included in the product, and official controls will still be performed away from the border.  This includes products such as confectionary, chocolate, biscuits and cakes.

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This resource will help members understand the new rules on Composite Products and ensure you stay informed and up to date with the changes needed.

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