Labelling Cereals Containing Gluten

Information on the labelling of foods where gluten-containing cereals are intentionally added to the product is listed below in Table 1. The new labelling requirements as a result of the enforcement of the Food Information to Consumers Regulation regarding the labelling of allergens include the following:

  • The use of 'Contains X Allergen' statement or similar are no longer permitted, except in the case that there is no ingredients list.
  • The specific cereal name must be emphasised within the ingredient list e.g. using bold font.
  • It is no longer permitted to state 'gluten' without a reference to a specific cereal in the ingredients list because gluten is not listed in the Annex II of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, unless it is used as an ingredient in its own right.
  • Whilst it is optional to add the word 'gluten' in parentheses (in nonemphasised font) after the name of the cereal; best practice is not to include the word gluten in parentheses but to solely emphasise the name of the cereal in the ingredients list.
    The consistent application of this particular best practice is to be recommended, as this would ensure consumer understanding by encouraging the reading of the ingredients list for the presence of the specific glutencontaining cereal. This in turn reduces the risk to individuals looking for the word “gluten”, which may not be listed.

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Last reviewed: 18 Jun 2015