Food Sectors - PAGE HIDDEN

We represent the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. The product sectors which make up the food industry cover a vast range of foods from chocolate to frozen veg; breakfast cereals to shellfish; pickles and sauces to organic baby food.

FDF's associations and groups run a host of consumer-facing websites providing the public with great information about a vast range of food sectors. These websites are designed to shed light on the industry that produce most of the food we eat each day.

Listed below are the different sectors FDF represents, along with related associations or groups.

Baby Food

Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery

Sliced breadBread and Bakery Snacks, Bakery Ingredients, Yeast

Breakfast Cereals

Bowl of fruitCanned Fruit and Vegetables

Cereal Ingredients


CrispsCrisps and Snacks

Dietetic Food

Dessert Mixes

Fish and Fish Products


Frozen peas and carrotsFrozen Food

Gluten Free

Ice Cream


Oat Milling

Organic Food

Seasonings and Spice


Snacks, Nuts and Crisps


Cup of teaTea

Yogurt and Chilled Desserts


Last reviewed: 15 Feb 2019