Allergen management and precautionary allergen labelling

Policy Position

FDF supports a risk-based approach to allergen management and precautionary allergen labelling (e.g. ‘may contain’ labelling) and has consistently urged that it should only be used where the unintended allergen presence, e.g. through cross-contamination, poses a real and demonstrable risk. FDF is keen to improve allergen information and management within the whole food chain and encourages wider uptake of the principles set out in the FSA Guidance on Allergen Management and Consumer Information. FDF also supports development of training and awareness activities based upon it. FDF is also contributing to legislative and best practice (e.g. production of industry guidance) initiatives at both UK and EU level.

FDF supports progress towards agreement on quantitative benchmarks (reference doses/thresholds/action levels) for management of allergens, to enable quantitative risk assessment.


Last reviewed: 02 Mar 2019