Policies for the new Government to deliver a thriving food and drink industry

Support our ambition for an industrial strategy sector deal which drives transformational industry growth, so we can continue to provide consumers with great choice and quality products.

Now is the time to harness industry and Government expertise to build a long-term vision for food, farming and fisheries which boosts UK productivity and unlocks the great potential in our sector. This must be part of a new industrial strategy which makes the UK economy the most competitive in the world, and helps us to adapt as we prepare to leave the EU.

Food and drink's wide geographic footprint, and vital role as a 'bridge' between primary producers and the UK retail and hospitality sector, means we are ideally placed to support the next Government in spreading wealth and opportunity across all communities in the UK.

We are ambitious for a sector deal that ensures our consumers continue to have great choice and quality products, that our businesses have the certainty and confidence to invest for the long-term and that the next generation benefits from a transformation in skills, innovation and exports growth.

We call on the next Government to:

  • Work with us and our food chain partners to deliver a safe, secure, affordable, resilient and sustainable food chain for now and for future generations. This includes support to grow a more competitive and productive supply base, delivering resource efficiency, quality and traceability from farm to fork.
  • Commit to a stable regulatory regime, through risk and evidence-based policy making, which makes the UK highly competitive and does not discourage business investment with regard to EU competitors and the rest of the world.
  • Help food and drink manufacturing obtain better access to public funds - for example through better utilisation of R&D tax credits and access to funding through Innovate UK and the Research Councils, including the recently announced Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).
  • Deliver a programme to raise awareness of the benefits of automation, initiatives to encourage uptake of automation by reducing risk and strengthening the STEM skills base. This will help support productivity improvements in many SMEs who represent 96 per cent of the food and drink manufacturing sector.
  • Consider how to harness the benefits of the circular economy and how future energy and climate policy can deliver decarbonisation and improve competitiveness in the longer term.

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Last reviewed: 10 May 2018