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Frequently asked questions

What does FDF do?

FDF represents, promotes and safeguards the interests of UK food manufacturers in relation to issues, regulations and developments which impact the industry.Our focus is on manufacturers as we recognise the need for a distinctive point of view in the supply chain. We champion our industry and ensure we get the Government support our size merits.

But how does this impact on my day to day business?

Technical and regulatory tasks can be effectively outsourced to FDF saving you time and money. FDF constantly lobbies on your behalf and ensures that we deliver early warnings on issues affecting you.

Is FDF just about legal issues?

FDF is an indispensable hub of information – we are confident we can answer most questions on the industry, advising on topics such as exporting, understanding ingredients such as palm oil, making your operations more efficient, protecting your supply chain and helping ensure that your business does not fall victim to food fraud.

I am a small business, isn't FDF membership just for bigger companies?

We represent businesses of all sizes and many of our members are small and medium sized operators. We focus extensively on small businesses and activity is overseen by Jonathan Bye, CEO of Seabrooks Crisps who understands first-hand the needs of smaller businesses. Our web resources, guidance and toolkits aid small businesses that do not have large teams of experts in the many different disciplines of food and drink manufacturing.

Is FDF membership expensive?

Membership is calculated as a proportion of turnover and membership can start from just £225 per year. FDF membership can save your business the cost of consultancy and expert fees and members can benefit from discounts on events both provided by FDF and by our partners.

What about the media support?

FDF is the voice of the industry and is the first port of call on any issue related to food. We act as a wave breaker when bad news could potentially damage the industry. FDF represents the industry to the media on many issues affecting our sector where there is a common media issue affecting a number of our members. We compile information and responses on behalf of industry to help you deal with enquiries or you may refer journalists to the FDF media team.

Last reviewed: 10 Jul 2018