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10 October 2019

FDF Response to Chief Medical Officer Report on Childhood Obesity

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Kate Halliwell, FDF Head of UK Diet and Health Policy said:

“UK food and drink manufacturers are working hard to implement what has already been asked of them by Government in three chapters of a Childhood Obesity Plan published in just three years.

"FDF member companies are committing time and resource to deliver the Government's various reformulation programmes - cutting salt, sugars and calories. In fact, FDF members are selling 57.3 million fewer kilograms of sugars and 1 trillion fewer calories than they were back in 2015. As Public Health England acknowledge, reformulating products takes time, and we must always take the consumer with us. We want government to support us in this work and not introduce punitive measures which might hinder it.

"We agree more needs to be done to tackle obesity, and welcome the report's clear steer that everyone needs to play their part, including schools, local councils and the NHS. Manufacturers alone will not solve this. We believe money should be put behind specific, targeted measures for those most affected by the burden of obesity."

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