Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is about achieving a better quality of life for everyone, now and for future generations to come. The environment is a central facet of this.

Food and Drink Federation members are committed to making a significant contribution to improving the environment. Our role as food and drink manufacturers is to supply consumers with safe, nutritious, appetising and affordable food and to help them make sustainable choices which will secure these benefits for the future.

Ambition 2025: Shaping sustainable value chains

FDF's “Ambition 2025 – Shaping sustainable value chains” builds on the success of our Five-Fold Environmental Ambition and is the next step on our journey to help deliver a more sustainable food system.

In order to remain industry leading nearly a decade on, Ambition 2025 takes the Five-Fold forward with new commitments to take into account the ever changing sustainability agenda and the complexity of issues that are increasingly demanding a whole-chain approach.

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Last reviewed: 27 Mar 2019