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Centrica Business Solutions Our innovative distributed energy solutions help food and drink manufacturers improve cost and carbon performance and stay ahead by improving operational resilience and production efficiency.

We have extensive experience of working with the food and drink industry and a deep understanding of the challenges faced and the impact on energy. Our end-to-end delivery and fully- managed service options let you focus on maximising uptime and increasing profitability.

We offer:

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) - Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions in production facilities where there are combined heat, power and cooling requirements.
  • Energy Insight - Identify energy efficiency opportunities across your production processes, and highlight potential equipment failures that could compromise food safety and productivity.
  • Demand Side Response (DSR) - Generate revenue by reducing energy use at peak times with intelligent technology that helps balance supply and demand and manage consumption.
  • Renewable generation and storage - Take advantage of unused real estate to reduce carbon emissions, reduce costs and improve site resilience.
  • Commercial LED Lighting - Helps your business to reduce running costs, improve energy efficiency and improve sustainability.
  • Flexible funding models - Enable deployment of new, more efficient energy technologies, while freeing up capital to invest in automation and innovation

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Last reviewed: 25 Jun 2019