Ideagen provides software and expertise to help the world's leading brands to improve efficiency, prevent undesirable events and ensure compliance by managing quality, health, safety and environmental compliance.

Ideagen Ideagen's Q-Pulse QHSE Management Software Solution
Ideagen's Q-Pulse is an electronic Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental management solution that helps surface, analyse & report QHSE data and create a culture of reporting & accountability.

For over two decades Q-Pulse Quality Management software has helped organisations and industries modernise and transform their quality, health, safety and environmental management. Q- Pulse challenges you to move through the maturity journey as you learn, improve and pursue operational and professional excellence. Its goal is to get your organisation to a position where you can focus on what you can do better rather than repeatedly having to deal with what has gone wrong.

With over one million users, Q-Pulse is the proven QHSE management solution for organisations across a range of sectors including building & construction, automotive, energy and Food & Drink.

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“Everything is now in one place. Prior to the implementation of Q-Pulse it was a paper- driven, semi-software driven, so everything was scattered. Now we have all of our quality systems, quality documents, audit logs and all of our records in one single place.”
– Derek Swan, Compliance Manager, Whyte & Mackay.

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Last reviewed: 24 Apr 2020