Economics publications

FDF's economic reporting is a key avenue for ensuring that the economic importance of the UK food and drink industry is widely recognised, as well as its potential for growth and productivity improvements.

Regular reports

Business confidence reports

Latest publication August 2019

The FDF's business confidence reports showcase the current economic views of FDF members on a quarterly basis.

Export snapshots

Latest publication September 2019

FDF publishes quarterly reports outlining the latest UK food and drink export statistics, which can help your company to prioritise markets for exporting. Our reports include: data on the UK's top food and drink exports, key export markets, areas for growth, and updates on FDF's trade-related policy work.


Breaking the chain

Published August 2017

Key workforce considerations for the UK food and drink supply chain as we leave the EU. Survey to establish the supply chain's Brexit priorities from a labour and workforce perspective and to address some of the gaps in official data.

Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Published July 2017

This FDF-commissioned industry-wide report by Grant Thornton has highlighted key growth opportunities for the food and drink industry, the UK's largest manufacturing sector.

Growth through exports

Published April 2016

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, exporting has never been more important to UK businesses. Together, FDF and FDEA have produced this guide to get you thinking about core elements of the export process and who can help you along the way.