FDF responses on health and wellbeing

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) responds to a wide range of Government consultations on issues of interest to the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.

FDF develops responses which present information on the food and drink manufacturing sector and which outline pertinent issues confronting the sector and it's key stakeholders.

We have responded to consultations on the following health and wellbeing issues:

January 2017

  • NHS England consultation on restricting / banning sugar sweetened beverages

January 2017

  • PHE sugar reduction programme

January 2017

  • House of Commons Obesity Inquiry

October 2016

  • NHS standard contract 2017/2018 consultation

July 2016

  • CAP Consultation on Advertising to Children

June 2016

  • Scottish Government Consultation on Proposed Options to Improve and Assure the Nutritional Standards of Food in NHS Scotland Hospitals

November 2015

  • Defra Consultation on Balanced Scorecard for Public Food Procurement

September 2015

  • SACN Draft Report on Vitamin D and Health

September 2014

  • SACN draft report on carbohydrates and health

February 2014

  • DH Proposed Salt Targets and Accompanying Pledge

December 2013

  • DH Review of Remaining Responsibility Deal Salt Reduction Targets

October 2013

  • Scottish Government on Supporting Healthy Choices Framework
  • DH review of Responsibility Deal salt reduction targets

July 2013

  • Department of Health on Responsible Marketing

June 2013

  • Welsh Government white paper 24/06

Last reviewed: 26 Jun 2017