Ambition 2025 – Water

Our ambition: Deliver continuous improvement in the use of water across the whole supply chain and take action to ensure sustainable water management and stewardship.

Contribute to an industry-wide target to reduce Water use by 20% by 2020 compared to 2007.

The efficient use of water across food and drink supply chains is not just an environmental goal, but a sound business decision. Global demand for water is increasing, putting pressure on freshwater supplies and ecosystems. While there is significant regional variation in water challenges, the global supply of fresh water is coming under ever increasing pressure. In the UK, several areas are already water stressed, with water quality also an issue.

For these reasons we will continue to contribute to an industry-wide target to reduce water use in our members operations by 20% by 2020 compared to 2007, as set out in Defra's Food Industry Sustainability Strategy (FISS) recommendations.

FDF is committed to working with WRAP and other stakeholders on developing, within Courtauld 2025, a target and/or indicator to track water use both in terms of operational efficiency and reducing impacts across supply chains. In addition, we will signpost members to suitable tools and guidance to encourage them to assess water related risks in their own operations and across their supply chains to ensure sustainable water management and stewardship.

FDF will also work closely with Defra on developing priority areas for the Government's long term plan for the environment in order to ensure that it reflects the importance of water to the agrifood sector.

Ivan Wood & Sons Case study

Ivan Wood & Sons have demonstrated a strong commitment to water conservation spanning many years, and continue to look for new and innovative ways to reduce water use.

In 2015 the company was granted a patent for its Peel Tech water filtration system that allows waste to be separated from water.

The company is also working on a rainwater harvesting system which could further allow Ivan Wood & Sons to capture an extra 500,000 litres of water annually. Alongside these reductions in water use, in 2006 the company bored its land for spring water that now supplies 100% of the site's business and domestic water needs. By not using Mains Water Ivan Wood & Sons have not only made a significant reduction in water use, but enjoy annual savings of up to £24,000.

"Over the past decade we have implemented a wide range of policies, systems and initiatives such as renewable energies, working in partnership with local suppliers, using preservative-free, organic preparation products and developing a brand new technology to reduce waste water discharge. This is not only helping the environment but is providing real competitive advantages for the business."

Malcolm Wood
Managing Director, Ivan Wood & Sons

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Last reviewed: 12 Oct 2016