Q&A on sustainable palm oil

Sustainable Palm Oil Q&A

Last updated 24 Sep 2015

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  1. What is palm oil and where is it produced?
  2. Which products contain palm oil?
  3. Why do food manufacturers use it?
  4. Should manufacturers stop using palm oil?
  5. What other names are commonly used for palm oil and its derivatives?
  6. Which countries are the biggest consumers of palm oil?
  7. What are FDF's views on sustainable palm oil?
  8. What is the UK's national ambition on sustainable palm oil?
  9. Which other countries have made commitments?
  10. What commitments have leading UK manufacturers made?
  11. How will the Food Information Regulation affect the labelling of palm oil?
  12. Is the consumption of palm oil a health concern?
  13. What is the role of palm oil in producing countries?
  14. How does palm oil production compare to other oil crops?
  15. What are the impacts of unsustainable production?
  16. What is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)? What are its aims?
  17. Are there alternative palm oil certification standards?
  18. Do I need to be a member of RSPO to use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO)?
  19. What are the different RSPO supply chain options?
  20. How much Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is available on the market?
  21. Can I use the RSPO Trademark on my products?
  22. Where can I find other useful information?

Last reviewed: 23 Apr 2018