Sustainable Sourcing

The global food system is coming under increasing pressure from the impacts of climate change, population increase, a growing demand for limited resources and changing diets.

Consumers are also increasingly seeking reassurance that businesses are managing their supply chains sustainably. There is therefore a growing realisation across food and drink companies that building a secure and sustainable supply chain not only makes good business sense but also has the potential to bring with it a number of benefits for a company that is seen to be acting in line with wider stakeholder and societal interests.

Moreover building a more resilient supply chain will bring competitive advantage by managing the impact of change better, it will stimulate innovation, increase productivity and will meet customer demands.

FDF has developed a simple guide – Sustainable Sourcing: Five Steps Towards Managing Supply Chain Risk – which sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturing businesses of all sizes to get started on this journey. It aims to help identify, prioritise and manage upstream supply chain risks as part of a more strategic approach towards supply chain sustainability.

Alongside this guide, further resources for businesses have been developed and more will be added to this page in due course.

Last reviewed: 19 Jul 2018