The FDF's activities on behalf of its members and the industry change over time to reflect the changing policy landscape.  Nevertheless, food safety and science, environmental sustainability and the challenges around diet and health are long-standing themes. 

In recent years, the UK's exit from the EU means that we have focused on issues around food and drink trade and access to labour as well as the regulatory future for UK food and drink.  

As we look to the future, the role of innovation in increasing productivity is also becoming more and more important.

What we do

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FDF Cymru is a The University of Sheffield AMRC Cymru, and acts as the food and industry liaison officer for food and drink packaging in Wales.

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Environmental sustainability

Recycling, deposit return schemes, extended producer responsibility and the drive to the circular economy are pivotal issues that are decided by Welsh government.

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Diet and health

FDF Cymru works with member companies to support educational programs in Wales to advocate the benefits of breakfast clubs, promote the benefits of a healthy balanced diet, and to showcase our member's reformulation successes.

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Action on Fibre

The FDF has launched our new Action on Fibre Commitment. Members signed up are committed to help bridge the gap between fibre intakes and the dietary recommendation.

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The FDF informs the Government’s trade and export policy priorities and provides advice to its members on trade policy and customs issues.

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Food information and regulatory assurance

Food businesses must comply with the principles of food safety and law. Food must be safe, but also must be what it says it is. Food information must not mislead the consumer, particularly about its characteristics


Food safety and science

Ensuring food is safe is our number 1 priority. The provision of safe, authentic and traceable food is of the highest importance to our sector.


Workforce and employment

In Wales there are two areas where the agenda has a specific dynamic as they are defined by Welsh government – apprenticeships and fair/social work agenda.

Incident management

Incident prevention and management

The FDF is proactively engaged with members and regulators on incident prevention and horizon scanning for emerging issues.

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Supply chain fairness

The FDF works with the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) to promote business awareness of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP).

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Members facing similar issues can come together through a range of sector-focused groups.

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We organise seminars, briefings and workshops throughout the year. These are a great way to network with peers across the industry and share ideas and best practices.

We also facilitate events that allow our members to have a close dialogue with senior retailers and other important stakeholders.

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