Your IP, Your Risk

Presented by Nucleus IP

Intellectual property (IP) is a critical and valuable commodity for any business and not protecting it can prove costly. Start-ups and small businesses often neglect intellectual property or try and do it themselves, sometimes with devastating effects. Having a well thought-out strategy for protecting the IP of a company's products is imperative for ensuring shareholder value and security.

This webinar aims to explain the legal effectiveness and differences of the various IP protective components: Trade Marks, patents, designs and copyright addressing:

  • Why Brand Protection is key to your Business
  • Importance of trade mark protection
  • Importance of early protection
  • Selecting your trade mark
  • Identifying and managing key markets
  • Territorial/scope of protection
  • Specific Copyright and IP issues
  • Copyright Risk: Who owns what?
  • How to protect your technical ideas and business model
    • Patents, designs
    • Confidential information and NDAs
    • Contractual protection
  • Questions and Answer Session

This webinar is presented to you by Nucleus IP, with Ese Akpogheneta, Ken Sewell of Nucleus IP and Guy Tritton, Barrister Hogarth Chambers.

Should you have any questions on this subject, or need further clarification on anything discussed in the webinar, please email Reema Patel the Membership Engagement Executive, who will make sure your query is answered.