The global food system is set to face unprecedented pressures over the coming decades as demand for resources and the effects of climate change intensify.

The FDF and our members are fully committed to cutting CO2 emissions, promoting efficient water use, building a more circular economy for packaging, embedding environmental standards in transport practices and reducing food waste. We also want to increase understanding of sustainable supply chains and natural capital.

FDF Cymru

FDF Cymru utilises the wider expertise of the FDF team in this area, and focuses our contribution to engage with the programs and policies that are decided by Welsh government.

Recycling, deposit return schemes, extended producer responsibility and the drive to the circular economy are pivotal issues that are decided by Welsh government.

Wales is proudly third in the World in terms of % material recycled with Welsh government having invested over £1bn on infrastructure.

This is a pivotal area where FDF Cymru, seeks to engage with members, government and other stakeholders including Wrap Cymru.

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Despite the new set of challenges, the industry remains focused on their commitment to lead the charge for a sustainable, resilient and responsible food and drink industry, and deliver on our ambition to reach Net Zero by 2040 – a decade earlier than government targets.

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In 2020, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and our members achieved the target of reducing CO2 emissions set in the Ambition 2025 commitment – five years earlier than planned. In 2021 we set our sights even higher.

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