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A champion for the Welsh food and drink industry

The Food and Drink Federation are a not-for-profit association that champions food and drink manufacturers across Wales. We bring together business, government and stakeholders to ensure our manufacturers have the right conditions to grow, invest and employ, while continuing to produce high quality, nutritious and affordable food and drink.

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We proactively support our members, ensuring that their views and concerns are heard by the Welsh Government, the UK Government, other policy makers, politicians, consumers, and the media. We aim to maximise the economic, social and environmental potential of the food and drink sector in Wales.

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Food and drink industry news

The new PM must back our industry

Inflation is soaring and the UK’s food and drink manufacturers are under pressure like never before - time for the new PM to show their support, says the FDF chief executive.

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Only industry can solve the plastic packaging problem

Karen Betts: We need a best-in-class recycling system - one that’s affordable for shoppers, and which is also good for the environment

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